Bright, Loud, & Loved

Picture of aColor Affection Shawl

If you followed me on Instagram, then you have probably already seen this shawl. It’s the widely popular Color Affection shawl by Veera Valimaki, but without the stripes. Ever since I saw trudymoon’s version I knew that if I were ever to knit a Color Affection shawl, I would have to make it like hers. So with 3 skeins of LYNAI yarn (Pink Panther, Manic, & Manic Speckled) I had been hoarding for almost a year, I casted on this shawl in mid-February before my focus went into other projects I had in progress. It was the last week of March when I realised how much I wanted this shawl off my needles. Since I own only one set of interchangeable needles, this makes it a priority to finish the WIPs I have if I want to cast on another project that uses a needle size that is currently in use. So I spent hours working on this shawl and was surprised by how much I still loved it after I bound off. Sure, it’s not as wide of a shawl but the bright colours make up for that along with the outrageous length.

Close-Up of Color Affection

Surprisingly the worst part of this shawl was attempting to take a photo of it. Not only was it a cold, wet day but it started getting pretty windy which forced me to end up hanging the shawl off one end to a tree and holding the other end in my hand while attempting to snap a photo. I really need to look into a tripod, or at least check the weather before I decide to go to a park to take photos…

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A little insight from my yarn to me

For those of you who have today off as part of Good Friday, I hope you are enjoying a well-deserved rest day! This was the last week of school before exams start so after handing everything in, I wanted to reward myself by casting on something new. Sometimes there is that moment when you have a skein of yarn in your hand and you know exactly what you want it to become. That’s how I felt with my Birthday yarn I had spun up almost a year ago.Picture of Spun Right Round Birthday Yarn

The fibre was Falkland, in the Birthday colourway from SpunRightRound (yes, I may be slightly obsessed with her shop), and at the time it was the longest spin I had done to date. As I was winding the yarn into a ball I could see how much I had improved over the past year, I am definitely no seasoned spinner but all the lumps and bumps in this yarn was proof of how far I had come. And I knew I wanted to show off the gradient in a Zuzu’s Petals cowl. I had the cowl in mind for this yarn for months, and finally broke down, bought the pattern, and casted on this past Tuesday.Zuzu's Petals

Zuzu's Petals Close-Up

Everything seemed great…however as I kept knitting a bit of doubt started creeping in. Zuzu’s Petals is a great pattern for a small amount of yarn but I noticed I had too much yarn left over! Now any smart knitter would have measured how much yarn he or she had before casting on but I had jumped the gun and assumed that when it came to my handspun I had probably less than 200 yards to knit with. I brushed off these worries that I wouldn’t get all the colours to show in the cowl and even compensated by adding 2 extra repeats of lace into the pattern. Still as I weighed the yarn I discovered I had over 70 grams left over yet I was already two-thirds into the project. This meant that unless I wanted to extend the lace pattern of the cowl, I wouldn’t have the entire gradient I worked so hard to make. And while I love large shawls, a very large lace pattern reminded me too much of a bib.

So before making any rash decisions (late night knitting can lead to terrible choices) I put the project down last night and went to bed. And today? I woke up, ripped back all the progress I had done and started searching on Ravelry for another pattern. Because sometimes you have to choose to let go of what you really want, and accept what the yarn needs to be instead.